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Electric Underfloor Heating
Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating

Fits directly under any floor covering
Primary heating source
Rapid heat up time
Suitable for any room and full houses
15 Year warranty
  • Works Under Carpet

  • Works Under Tiles

  • Works Under Wood & Laminate

Take the confusion out of underfloor heating, our ribbon mats are the only type of underfloor heating you need, it works under any floor type.
Works under any floor
No need for different types of underfloor heating for different coverings, ours works under any floor type.
Easy Installation
Simple to install, just layout the mats on top of our insulation then connect it to a thermostat.
Highly Efficient
Each of our mats provides more heating element coverage than any other type of underfloor heating.
Fast Warm Up Time
You will start to feel the warmth in only a few minutes thanks to quick heating ribbons.
Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

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Underfloor Heating Kit

Electric Underfloor Heating  Kits

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Underfloor Heating Thermostat

Electric Underfloor Heating Thermostats

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Underfloor Heating Kit

Electric Underfloor Heating Sundries

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Reasons to buy our

Electric Underfloor Heating

We have been an industry leader within the floor heating sector since 2001. We were the first pioneers of this type of Electric Underfloor Heating system in the UK and committed a lot of energy and resource to promote this unique amorphous metal ribbon technology.

The Underfloor Heating system is based on a unique Amorphous Metal Ribbon heating technology and has significant advantages over any other type of underfloor heating system.

It is important to get the right advice, not just about the underfloor heating but how it interacts with the floor covering and your home.

We are a specialist contract flooring company and therefore we understand how the flooring and the heating elements work together.

Our Electric Underfloor Heating is quite simply the best and most versatile system available today. It can truly be classed as the best in floor 'easy heat'.

Primary Heat Source

70% floor coverage of our heating mats will act as your primary heat source - no need for radiators. 

Works Under ANY Type of Floor

The same heating mat will work under any type of finished floor.

Only 1.8mm Thick

Our mats are slim-line, at only 1.8mm thick you will have minimum impact on your floor heights.

Ideal for Conservatory Underfloor Heating

Our underfloor heating mats are a great solution for use in a conservatory. 

Ideal for Conservatory Underfloor Heating

You will start to feel the warmth in your floor after only 3 minutes from a cold start.

Cost Effective to Run

At about 1.5p per m2 per hour to run you won't find a more cost effective UFH system.

Easy DIY Installation

Installation can be taken on by any DIYer, Simply lay the mats on our insulation then cover with your chosen flooring.

15 Year Warranty

For peace of mind we offer a long 15 year warranty on our heating mats.

Our Best Selling Underfloor Heating Products

Underfloor Heating Mat .5m x 7.5m

Underfloor Heating Mats

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Underfloor Heating Kit

Underfloor Heating Kits

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ALL-008 Touchscreen Thermostat

Underfloor Heating Thermostats

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Therm All Underfloor Heating Insulation

Underfloor Heating Insulation

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Wood Underfloor Heating

A popular use of the ribbon heating system is under laminate floors as it fits directly underneath Laminate or Wood floors without the need of a screed with no ill effect. The floor can heat the room at lower temperatures than conventional systems meaning does not need to exceed 27 degrees C.

There is no difference in floor height when installing our laminate underfloor heating as the elements bed into the soft insulation. The insulation provides thermal and acoustic support with impact noise reduction of upto 21db
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Wooden Floor Underfloor Heating
Under Carpet Heating

Carpet Underfloor Heating

Our carpet underfloor heating is easy to install and very cost effective to run. Our ribbons fit directly under carpet as a primary heating source and is not a background heating system.

It is important that the carpet and underlay are no greater than 2.5 tog, this is the total thermal resistance and ensures the heat can be transferred through the carpet effectively.
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Tile Underfloor Heating

Tile underfloor heating is one of the easiest to install using our flat ribbon system EkoBuild can supply all of the appropriate equipment for your installation.

Our underfloor heating solutions for tile heating is low profile and will not increase the floor level by much. The amorphous metal technology has a greater energy transfer rate compared to standard copper wire enabling it to heat the room to the desired temperature more efficiently.
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Under Tile Heating
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