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Electric Underfloor Heating
Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating Kit

Configure your own underfloor heating kit.

Simply select your required mats, insulation, thermostat and sundries then add them to your basket to checkout.


  • For installation under laminate, engineered board, vinyl or carpet use 'Therm-All' insulation which is sold by the m2
  • For installation under tile, stone or slate use 'EasyHeat' insulation boards, each board is 600mm x 1200mm
  • For installation in a 'wet' area such as a kitchen, bathroom or wetroom we recommend you also purchase our grounding kit (sundries)
  • Mats should not overlap and they cannot be cut

How to Buy Your Underfloor Heating Kit

Working Out How Many Mats You Need

First of all make sure you have measured the area for your underfloor heating correctly. Our mats come in widths of 1m and .5m and various lengths. You need to lay your mats out side by side, make sure they don't overlap and remember they can't be cut. You should be aiming for about 80% coverage of your floor area in order for the underfloor heating to work as your primary heat source.
How to Layout Underfloor Heating Mats
Here are a few tips in choosing the correct size mats;
  • 1m wide mats come in lengths up to 3.5m
  • .5m wide mats come in lengths up to 7m
  • Examples
    • For a 3.5m x 4m room you could use 3 1m x 3m mats side by side
    • For a 5m x 3m room you could use 5 .5m x 4.5m mats side by side
  • The mats have 2 electric cables at one end, these connect to your fused spur
  • For larger areas consider using 2 thermostats at either end of the room
    • this will give better heating control where solar gain is apparent
    • it also makes connecting the mats to your fused spurs easier
You do not need to install underfloor heating underneath kitchen units or areas where you will be using fitted furniture.

Choose Your Mats

Taking into account the points above, select the mats sizes and quantities required. Section 1 contains all the 1m wide mats, Section 2 contacts all the .5m wide mats.


The insulation is laid underneath your heating mats. Insulation needs to cover the entire floor area where your flooring is to be installed. Usually in a kitchen you don't put flooring underneath the units, therefore you don't need insulation under the cabinets either.
Select the components for your Underfloor Heating from the sections below.

Useful Installation Guides

How to Install Vinyl Underfloor Heating Guide

Best for installing under vinyl heating in bathrooms and kitchens We would recommend the latex option for installing under vinyl heating in bathrooms and kitchens. The working temperature of this particular system can be as low as 25 degrees C. This will still provide a primary source of heat. Benefits of installing our underfloor heating […]

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Which underfloor heating should I use?

The only system that is suitable for all types of installation is our Ribbon Electric Underfloor Heating System. Whether you are installing under wood, under laminate, under tiles, or under carpet this system will work.

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Is underfloor heating easy to install?

Yes – if you enjoy a bit of DIY then this is for you. Obviously we can install the system for you or we can recommend an approved installer but the installation is really straight forward. We have posted a video for you to follow and of course we are always on hand for help […]

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What else do I need to install with my underfloor heating?

This will depend on your sub floor and your final finished floor. Generally if your sub-floor is in good order and you are going to install the underfloor heating system under wood or laminate you will need enough Therm-all insulation to cover the entire area of the room. You will also need some high adhesive […]

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Can I use underfloor heating in any room?

Yes, our ribbon electric underfloor heating system can be used underneath any type of finished floor. You will however need to use a grounding kit if you install it in anywhere ‘wet’ areas such as a kitchen, bathroom or utility room. Our underfloor heating kit has all the components necessary to install underfloor heating under […]

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Do you have all the items in stock?

We have a warehouse and distribution centre on the outskirts of Mold in North Wales. This makes us ideally located for next day UK distribution. We are the only UK importer of the AHT Underfloor Heating and we always have a substantial stock available for free next day delivery to mainland UK (unfortunately we can't […]

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Will my floor levels increase when I install underfloor heating?

Yes, inevitably you will have to make an allowance for increased floor levels, unless you want to go through the pain of digging your floor out! Fortunately our underfloor heating systems are low profile therefore the increase will be minimal. Our ribbon electric underfloor heating mat is only 1.8mm thick and the carbon film system […]

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My house is open plan - will underfloor heating still work?

It will effect the performance of the system. We have a showroom that is open plan. The simple solution to get the most out of underfloor heating in an open plan situation is to configure the system into zones. For more information please watch this video.

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Can you plan my underfloor heating installation for me?

We can help you every step of the way with your underfloor heating. Simply tell us what you want, send us your floor plans and we'll do the rest. If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom there is no need to put heating mats underneath kitchen units, baths, sinks, toilets or showers - aim […]

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Can I Cut The Underfloor Heating Mats?

Our ribbon underfloor heating mats are not designed to be cut. At Allbrite, we design and pre-plan an underfloor heating system to work specifically to the shape and dimensions of your property and we aim to get at least 70% floor coverage with our heating mats – in some cases we can get as high […]

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